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NO REFUNDS: Due to the unique nature of each planned wedding and expenditures that cannot be reclaimed, under no circumstances will refunds be issued.

Effective Immediately: Plan ahead and don’t reschedule! A $75 rescheduling fee is required for all cancelled ceremonies.

Attention: Arrive 30 minutes early for your Marriage! If you are late and your Ceremony is cancelled as a result, NO REFUNDS will be issued.

Attention: Agreed upon fees must be paid in full at least 1 week in advance of wedding or your ceremony will be rescheduled.

  1. Obtain Marriage License asap upon approval
  2. Make sure your Unit Chaplain is aware
  3. Wedding Rings cannot be exchanged
  4. No one else is allowed inside unit
  5. You must notify Texas Twins Events immediately upon receiving date from unit Chaplain

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TDCJ-ID Wedding Inquiry
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - I am approved to perform marriages on all TDCJ Units - After deposit and arrangements are made your loved one can then submit an I-60 to the unit Chaplain for approval. It is very important that you communicate w/ your spouse and are aware of the steps needed to make your special day one to remember.
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Your Full Legal Name
Do you have or will you be applying for a wedding license?
Future Spouse Legal Name
Inmates Who Are Transferred
You agree that if your future spouse is transferred, additional fees may apply. It is your responsibility to make sure you are as aware as possible of your future spouse's housing status. Should they have any questions regarding this, have them submit an I-60 to Classification.
Required Deposit
Our very reasonable required deposit varies from unit to unit and date. Are you prepared to pay a deposit when we contact you w/ price quote? We will contact you regardless. Those ready to pay and move forward are contacted first.
I-60 Submission to the Unit Chaplain
You agree that your future spouse can only submit an I-60 to the Unit Chaplain w/ my name (Wendy Wortham) and ONLY upon receipt of your deposit?