Good morning- This week has been incredibly stressful, hectic and unpredictable regarding family issues for the Texas Twins and we appreciate your patience.

Over the weekend, I’ve had several emails regarding Prison Weddings in CA, NY, Georgia and other service area states that make “bouncing back” to Texas is a 24 hour turnaround impossible, I’m terribly sorry but in March 2020, all service area states outside of Texas had been caught up and addressed.

Last March we had many clients who were either already scheduled in Texas or close to the scheduling process that were cancelled. THESE clients are a priority BECAUSE they have been waiting for 2 and in rare cases even 3 years. Marriage licenses expired. The Units returned paperwork to other clients in the planning process stages. EVERYONE in Texas was forced to START OVER which is WHY other states are on waiting lists.

For several months now I’ve been splitting the cost to replace licenses WITH booked clients. If you ARE NOT a booked client, please stop asking and/or EXPECTING me to cover the cost to replace YOUR marriage license. My LOYALTY is to my CLIENTS.

Effectively, Texas had to start over again which is why our primary focus for the next several months will be in Texas in order to address the majority of clients we have located within this state.

We currently have a waiting list for CA. It may be January or February before we begin bouncing in order to address the many clients in Texas. Some of whom have been waiting 2-3 years.

NY it’s in the air as to when we will be back as we can cover CA in 3-5 days by stacking Units.

Currently our main and primary focus is TX and surrounding states on weekends for Federal or County as many TDCJ Units are doing date changes. Robertson is now scheduling on the last Monday and Friday of the month. These two days were previously used to fly to other states for a quick turnaround. They are now no longer available or open due to being used for TDCJ.

Weekends are booked up to 2 years and in rare instances, up to 5 and even 10 years if a previous client books their Vow Renewal in advance. What does this mean? Please contact us ASAP if you are planning your Vow Renewal to ensure our availability.

We already have Texas Twins Events, Pawning Planners, Federal Units and previous clients on our weekend schedules as well as County and occasionally ICE. We are traveling every weekend and have been for many years EVERY weekend year round.

Since I’ve been asked “which TDCJ Unit scheduled first?” I was at Jester 3 with Kim then Allred then Jordan then McConnell in the past 10 or so days. These clients restarted their paperwork immediately when visitations reopened and were therefore ready by the time the May 17th announcement was made. You know when “other officiants” were telling you that weddings WOULD NOT be reopening lol. Idiots. Gossip my arse. Dang the stupidity is hilarious with these “other officiants.” You know the ones who haven’t performed ONE wedding in a TDCJ facility YET other than ME. You “other officiants” continue to make clowns OUT of yourselves. It’s not a “good look” either. Shut up AND get your facts straight.

BOP- Many of the guidelines have been lifted. Although ceremonies are contact and don’t require us to test or wear a mask, there is still a current ban on guests. Please be aware that at this time I have no idea when this guest ban will be lifted.

Rumor Mill Gossip- regarding Contact Visits in Texas, Oklahoma and a number of other State Facilities, FALSE. It’s highly probable that it will be 2022 until Contact is reinstated in many states.

RE: TDCJ Units that are saying “we aren’t doing weddings.” Contact me. Beto and Polunsky both tried to pull this no weddings shenanigans. I will have Access To Courts contact the Unit.

RE: You held your contract or weren’t sent one because you didn’t ask or weren’t at one of the original 24 Units that were cancelled in March 2020, neither I nor my staff can be EVERYWHERE.

If YOU are calling ME “about a date” and I have no idea who YOU are, I can assure you that you are NOT a client. I don’t make dates on my calendars for non clients under ANY circumstances. I won’t even consider the possibility.

We have over 3,000 clients across the US on waiting lists in other states. Get in line and follow our booking procedures. I do not and will not “line jump anyone onto our books” SIMPLY because a Unit calls or “someone I talked to a year ago” WRONGLY assumed that I would just hop on a plane OR drive like a maniac across the country to perform a service that THEY didn’t pay for.

My TIME is precious, valuable and RESERVED for CLIENTS who have followed our booking procedures fully and wholly. If you “held” your contract that’s on you. Not me. My office mails out contracts Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My scheduling and my businesses don’t have SURPRISES.

I don’t like “surprise phone calls” from people “assuming that their failure to book properly and follow the simple and straightforward task of SIGNING and RETURNING your contract” SOMEHOW is MY PROBLEM. It isn’t.

You were mailed a contract. Our contracts are clear and concise. Return with your deposit. If you failed to do either, you ARE NOT A CLIENT. There is nothing in my contracts stating “return at YOUR convenience” or “don’t bother to return at all.”

Regarding journalists, media and other “entertainment” people calling me at YOUR convenience…listen you aren’t a priority. I don’t give a shit who you are OR who you are with. If I tell you I’m with a client and INSTRUCT you to call back in 2 HOURS and you ARE calling me back every 5 minutes while I’m on location WITH MY CLIENTS I’m going to block you. I’m also going to delete your emails and STOP further contact altogether. Don’t kid yourself Pal, you aren’t important to me OR my clients.

I CANNOT stress this enough- MY CLIENTS and my family ARE MY PRIORITY. No I’m not under contract and no I’m not signing yours. Go tie someone else down with rope you expect them to pay for and STOP assuming that MEDIA is important to me, my staff and/or especially my clients. By the way genius, when you send someone a contract you MIGHT want to sign it. Get outta here.

You people in the “entertainment industry” are a fly in my soup. Buzz off. Don’t call me at YOUR convenience then IGNORE the fact that I just told you I WAS WITH A CLIENT and I’m not available and think you are more important than the client I’m with. You ARE NOT a priority! My CLIENTS ARE MY PRIORITY. When I SAY something I can ASSURE you that I MEAN it.

I do not and will not commit myself to anyone whether it’s a client or a network WITHOUT A CONTRACT.

If ANYONE who is NOT a client thought OR assumed that “calling me with a date” WOULD create a sense of urgency for ME, these folks were wildly misinformed. I don’t have emergencies. My time AND my schedule are prioritized in such a way and so far in advance that I’m often working 7 days a week MOST of the time and AT several Units or venues on the SAME DAY.

Meaning, if I barely have time to go to the bathroom I certainly don’t have time to explain to you why you aren’t a client AND zero tolerance for arguing with someone (anyone) who is NOT a BOOKED client to explain WHY I won’t drop everything on my full AND burdened schedule in ORDER to accommodate them because “they talked to, emailed or DM’d me.”


Stop calling me “about a date” when I have no idea who you are. Do you have any idea how many people contact me in A DAY? Do you have any idea how stressful and repetitive it is to continue repeating myself? Listen, I’m busy. I juggle my family, my clients, four businesses and I’m intolerant of people who ARE NOT CLIENTS attempting to argue that they are.

ESPECIALLY people who cannot follow simple instructions. If my office went to the time, trouble and expense to mail you a contract that you didn’t bother to return, that’s on YOU. Mailing you a contract didn’t create or constitute a client relationship. Anyone assuming it would is wholly and entirely inaccurate.

Now…moving forward here, IF you hired OR paid “someone else” AND you are contacting me because 1. They won’t respond or 2. Their phone was disconnected or 3. They didn’t show up or 4. You believed what they were telling you was true 5. They are too busy to respond to you (what the Hell? This is the stupidest shit I have ever heard). If your clients ARE NOT your priority you idiots then WHO or WHAT in the Sam Hill Hell IS? or 6. You paid someone money for a service that they FAILED to provide to you AND you didn’t demand a contract AND a receipt, you SHOULD have DEMANDED BOTH.

For years now I’ve been getting these types of calls AND my BOOKED CLIENTS are my priority. I CANNOT make this clearer to anyone. GET A CONTRACT! Stop sending money to ANYONE because they “won’t tell you what to do.” Christ, I tell ALL of my clients what to do in ALL of OUR SERVICE AREA STATES and Countries educate them step by step. If you hired “someone else” and they ARE NOT responding or walking you through the process, get your money back and then call me.

For the idiot “other officiants” pick pocketing everyone you can get your hands on OUT there and ESPECIALLY for those of you in New York, California, Texas and Missouri, you people are the biggest bunch of con artist snake oil salesmen in the world. I’m going to educate every consumer out there AND stop the money train you are riding on by victimizing ANYONE planning to marry an inmate by stealing from them. How do you sleep at night? Listen up crooks- I’m going to continually expose you on this page for exactly what you are heartless thugs and thieves.

California, if you HAVE lost your ability to sign a marriage license because you are completely, totally and wholly inept and idiotic and effectively screwed up someone’s marriage license, I’ve instructed EVERYONE contacting me to report you. By the way, if you LOST your ability to conduct a ceremony because even the state of California recognized what a colossal screw up you are AND you continued to accept money for services you couldn’t provide, I’m ALSO going to advise your victims on exactly how to sue your ass too. STOP victimizing people.

As for the other blood sucking “officiants” who used the desperation of ANYONE wanting to marry an inmate to their OWN advantage during this lockdown solely to financially benefit themselves and EFFECTIVELY victimized single income households, I’m reporting and will CONTINUE to report EACH and EVERY one of you to authorities that I come across ON my own OR hear about. Maybe while you are sitting in prison for your fraudulent crimes against the people you stole from by telling them what they wanted to hear all the while KNOWING that they had no idea that what they were paying YOU for was a felony that involved THEM… I hope you FINALLY realize and recognize that karma REALLY is a bitch. I’m coming after you “other officiants.” You thieves are the most deceptive and manipulative swindlers there are. Destroying and ruining someone’s life event and putting them in jeaopardy of a felonious offense? I’m going to take each and every one of you down AND this IS a promise NOT a threat. I’m pretty busy BUT I can ASSURE you that I will MAKE the time it takes to STOP you “other officiants” from stealing AND victimizing INNOCENT people wishing to marry an inmate.

For years there have been so many people that just wanted to get married in a prison literally shook down by swindling “other officiants” OUT there that it TRULY breaks my heart BUT I cannot be everywhere.

What I can do is tell you how to fight back and get your money from these sorry bastards AND I will. What I can do is report each and every one of these “other officiants” for THE felonious offenses they’ve committed pertaining to marriage fraud AND tampering with a government document. You dumb shits HAD better start “shopping” for a criminal attorney because YOU are going to NEED one.

I’m still traveling and will return to TX Monday. I will answer when I can and hope everyone traveling to visits has a safe trip. Happy Fathers Day to all of the mothers pulling double duty as both parents and/or grandparents or others taking on the role and responsibility of raising children alone. I know it’s not easy. Cindy and I were both mothers and fathers to our adult children so we know and understand how difficult it can be. Regarding pamper packages sent out to those struggling in their relationships and feeling isolated or alone, your packages were mailed out via priority yesterday in Texas. Hugs, love and hope to see all of you very soon.

I want to address two fairly alarming things that “other officiants” have been instructing you to do that can get you into criminal legal issues that you aren’t or WERE made aware of that these “other officiants” certainly should have been aware of to begin with.

Pay attention. Why? Ignorance isn’t an adequate defense of the law that’s why. Read your marriage license application. Do you REMEMBER raising your right hand to swear that all of the information that YOU provided on that marriage application was TRUE and CORRECT?

Do you recall the question on the Absentee Affidavit which BY the way also has a warning for providing false information that ASKS if the Absent Party WILL BE PRESENT for the ceremony?

There’s a REASON. Proxy marriage was banned in Texas in 2013. Only Active Duty Military Members QUALIFY for Proxy Marriage in Texas.

UNLESS the couple AND the officiant ARE all present and in the same place, the absentee affidavit was also falsely and inappropriately filed IN conjunction with YOUR marriage license application. Think about it. The clerks office would NEVER have issued a marriage license to ANYONE with an Absentee Affidavit stating the reason the other party was absent was BECAUSE the absent party WAS INCARCERATED and WOULD NOT BE PRESENT for the ceremony!

Several people have recently contacted me and stated that they either “thought” or that they were ALREADY “legally married.” These same people WERE upset that TDCJ wouldn’t accept their “marriage.” They SHOULD have been upset BUT were unaware that they were accomplices to a felonious offense.

This post is specifically addressing Texas licenses and “fraudulent marriages. So please do NOT confuse this post to Alabama and the other issues attributed to the TDCJ Alabama fiasco.

There are “other officiants” out there who will do anything to get into your pockets including lying, misleading you and in certain circumstances EVEN making numerous innocent people victims by becoming accomplices to crimes they were unaware of.

Being UNAWARE of marriage laws, tampering with a government document or even marriage fraud is NOT and will NOT prevent you from prosecution. Again, ignorance is not an adequate defense of the law.

If ANY officiant is “telling you” that THEY “can JUST sign your license” and you will be “legally married,” that are knowingly, intentionally and with forethought committing fraud. They are also tampering with a government document. A document that YOUR name is on hence the accomplice reference.

TDCJ has had a policy in place since 2015 that REQUIRES the couple AND the officiant in person and on site at the Unit. Do you know why? Because a Formal Marriage License REQUIRES all parties present whether the ceremony is contact or non contact, a ceremony with all parties present must occur. NOT by phone where 3 way calls are strictly prohibited. NOT by video where 3 way video calls are prohibited BUT in person and on site AT a TDCJ Detention Unit.

Anyone “telling you” that they can marry you by “going over, under OR around” the laws, procedure and/or policy is lying to you or THEY are too stupid to realize or recognize that what they are doing is a felony and prosecutable offense.

Regarding the Alabama marriage certificate scenario- this woman is telling people that “they can just get another license in Texas OR another state.” Again, this is NOT legal.

When you fill out a marriage application, READ it. There are warnings on it for valid reasons. READ that marriage application.

A marriage license IS A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT. Tampering with a government document is a FELONY. Marriage Fraud IS also a FELONY.

Fraud whether it’s marriage fraud or tampering with a government document is still FRAUD. Ignorance isn’t going to protect you from prosecution.

If you have questions regarding something you were told or heard that sound too good to be true, call me, text me, DM or email me but don’t step in a bear trap because you “thought” what you were being told was accurate. It wasn’t. The person you paid to “JUST sign that license” is either a raging idiot or con artist. I don’t care which BUT know that THIS person whether deliberately or due to gross ignorance or incompetence has involved NOT only YOU but also whoever else was listed on that marriage license as accomplices.


Back At TDCJ Beto Unit & Big Surprises At TDCJ Units Revoking Visitation & Rescheduling Of Confirmed Dates…

Monday while traveling from the Tarrant County Clerks Office to Parker and Palo Pinto Jails, my husband send me a text that read “buy toilet paper we are out.”

This wasn’t an unusual request from my husband as I had left with a list of weekly items that I normally buy and stock once a week.

I do not buy toilet paper every week because there are only two of us at our home and we don’t need or warrant more than 4-6 rolls at a time. But, this simple request would become extraordinarily difficult to find for me.

Welcome to the toilet paper controversy with hilarious memes and people laughing at others buying toilet paper this past Monday.

By Friday, the people laughing weren’t laughing.

By Friday people in small town Weatherford were getting into fist fights over Charmin.

By Friday I had seen the world change before my eyes. Hoarding and flipping hand sanitizer for $100 on eBay? I’ve seen it.

Toilet paper for $20 a roll on FB Marketplace? I’ve seen it. People buying all of the cold medicine, alcohol, hand sanitizer and wipes as well as canned food items, sugar, meat and food while wiping out supplies for anyone else? I’ve seen it.

I’ve seen some of the wildest scenarios in four days that I could ever imagine. I wish I hadn’t but I have.

On Friday, Cindy and I took a break between clients to go to Walmart. Shelves were empty. Baskets over turned by angry customers left lying on their sides. Ransacked shelves empty greeted shoppers who didn’t expect this type of “mission” to buy toilet paper or anything else for that matter.

Cindy and I left Walmart and headed to Dollar Tree. No toilet paper. No hand sanitizer. No bottled water.

We then drove to Dollar General and found alcohol for the injections my husband gives me at home because going to the doctor once a week with my schedule isn’t convenient. The alcohol was 50% rather than 70% but it was better than nothing. We also found 2 packs of 4 roll toilet paper. There were only 2 packs of 4 roll TP in the store.

We then left Dollar General and went to Albertsons. Still no hand sanitizer. There was coffee and cream and bread as well as eggs. The panic that would arrive a few days later hadn’t “hit yet.”

I bought cantaloupe, watermelon, broccoli and my usual staple items including coffee and cream as well as salmon and chicken breasts and a few cans of soup.

Had I known that there would be food shortages for my Sunday or Monday shopping depending on my schedule, I might have bought a few cans of soup more, some rice and even some beans or ramen noodles but, hindsight is 20/20.

Monday prior to the hysteria and hoarding going on around me, I arrived home and prepared my suv for the drive to Beto Unit in Tennessee Colony on Tuesday to meet my bride. I had loaded furs, bouquets, hats and fun items from my Texas Twins Inventory and planned a leisurely drive to Beto Unit.

Tuesday, I stopped in Corsicana to visit the Walmart and buy my new grandson the diapers and wipes since I couldn’t find at Cindy’s Walmart Monday.

I would have a few problems finding either the diapers or the water wipes my daughter in law prefers in Corsicana.

There weren’t people agitated racing down the aisles. There was bottled water. There wasn’t hand sanitizer or toilet paper, baby wipes or paper towels.

I needed a few rolls of paper towels but decided I could wing it if I had to by using my tea towels at home.

By Tuesday I still wasn’t alarmed. A few things were difficult to come by depending on where you went while others weren’t. No mass hysteria just YET.

I left Corsicana Walmart and headed to Tennessee Colony/Palestine Texas to meet my client at Beto.

While driving there, a herd of wild hogs came running across the 2 lane road with cars traveling 70-80 miles an hour. I saw the “hub bub” about half a mile ahead and slowed down thinking it was deer or elk.

On closer inspection, it was something I had never encountered on the 300,000 miles I have driven getting to Units in Texas.

Wild hogs? They were huge and could easily flip a car as their girth is low to the ground. I tip toed my way around the herd and traveled on wondering where they had come from and if a driver not paying attention wouldnt slow down until it was too late?

Arriving at Beto, I find my bride in the parking lot. We walk in together. She’s thrilled. Her smile shows her joy. We clear in and wait on the chaplain.

We walk to the traditional photo wall at Beto and it’s coveted with Coronavirus signs.

Frankly, I don’t want to use the wall and have my clients photo peppered with Coronavirus signs on wedding day. I request using the tropical wall in the vending machine area instead and we are granted the privilege to do so.

Leaving the Unit, my bride follows me to an old church just outside Palestine. I begin unloading and finding my favorite areas based on lighting and background. We are laughing and having a great time together. I hand her a bottle of water from my trunk and we spend a few minutes trying different areas and have fun celebrating her marriage.

I love my job. We hug and say goodbye as I head to Dallas North Tower to meet my next client.

Cutting through Tennessee Colony, I’m leery about another encounter with those wild hogs I saw a few hours earlier. My fear is confirmed when I see a hog on the side of the road outside of Cayuga, Texas. Someone wasn’t paying attention.

Backroads in Texas give you a wide variety of surprises such as deer, elk, possums and armadillos which can jump straight off the ground four feet right into your grill. Wild hog herds though were a new one for me.

Cautiously driving towards Corsicana aware that something else could jump out on the road, I’m unaware of the widespread panic spreading across America.

I take calls from clients and Units. I check in with my husband and let my son and daughter in law know I will drop off diapers and other supplies I’ve found to them in the morning. I’m not worried about baby wipes because I assume I can find them. I will later realize I can’t.

By the time I leave North Tower in Dallas, a phone call from my niece at Point Hueneme, California regarding “people fighting over toilet paper and water.” This IS DISTURBING. Toilet paper?

Leigh Ann is frightened. People at the military base are no longer touching and running her ID. Instead, they are now simply looking at it.

People are acting differently. Leigh Ann plans to go to Ventura and try to find bottled water. I advise her to wait until her husband comes back from work since her 4 year old, Madyson is a handful.

Checking the clock on my Sahara, I don’t have time to file licenses in Tarrant County and decide to do so Wednesday morning on my way to drop off cold supplies to my son who has sinusitis and diapers for my grandson.

I decide to stop in Lake Worth to buy groceries, juice and soup. There are no paper towels, water or toilet paper at Walmart. I buy meat, pasta, bread, lunch meat and cheese as well as juice. The supplies are low but I assume the trucks are coming or running behind.

There aren’t entire empty shelves other than cleaning products, hand sanitizers and toilet paper or water. There is still fruit and vegetables. There is still soup, rice, beans and other staples.

Wednesday morning with my Jeep loaded for my sons house, I head to the clerks office. There are signs regarding the Coronavirus everywhere. The governor of California has revoked visitors to prisons. This is alarming.

I have 5 Units next week. Will TDCJ follow suit? I’m thinking no but my husband is thinking a strong maybe on my phone call to him leaving the clerk. “They are cancelling major events. NASCAR, golf, basketball. This is spiraling out of control. Update your clients and stay on top of changes. They will need to know what’s going on. Stay calm. This will pass but it may take a week or two.”

I’m worried but helpless to change what’s coming. Leigh Ann is increasingly concerned watching the news by Wednesday. Costco and Sam’s are running out of everything.

There is no hand sanitizer available anywhere. My son needs it as he is sick with a new baby. Cindy and I decide to make our own hand sanitizer.

My son is getting better but still answers the door in a mask. I begin unloading an full of items for my son and his wife and begin cooking lunch for them while checking on the baby.

Ollie is three weeks old and doing well but he’s fragile. He wears an Owlett sock to monitor his breathing, blood sugar and heart rate.

Leaving my son fully stocked other than baby wipes, I drop in on my husband down the street from my sons development. McBee Homes is just a few miles away. I invite my husband to lunch.

We choose Boo Ray about 1/2 a mile from McBee. It’s dead. There are very few people eating out. I notice it. My husband does too.

My husband decides to ask about my schedule next week and any possible changes. It’s a full plate. I’m at Green Bay Unit Monday. Wallace and Middleton Units Tuesday. Allred and Roach Units Thursday. Estes Unit Friday then back to Green Bay and Parker County. I will be driving about 2300 miles.

My husband again advises me “TDCJ may follow California. Caddo Parrish is also suspending visits.” Matthew like me is following prison news.

I consider cancelled visitation at prisons before answering my husband. “Weekend visits are thousands of people at prisons. My client and I are two people. I’ve decided to add to my booster shots a phnuemonia shot just in case and after Cindy’s heart surgery, believe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for her either.”

I’m still not even entertaining the possibility that TDCJ will cancel my confirmed dates. I cannot imagine having to tell my clients who have waited months that another delay looms in the future. I worry. I fret.

I also head to Dr Stern for an adjustment. The stress of Leigh Ann in California and people hoarding along with the possibility that my clients could be rescheduled has me with a stiff neck.

Dr Stern has been my trusted chiropractic go to for twenty years. He knows when I’m stressed I hold stress in my shoulders. My left shoulder is out. He pops it back in and goes over the importance of finding time to relax. I have none. Time is something I never have.

Thursday morning, Cindy arrives at WorthamWorld. We have a list of things to buy for an upcoming wedding at Botanic Garden and head to Hobby Lobby. We both discuss the news media and coverage of this mysterious virus. We worry about Leigh Ann and Maddy in California. But, we don’t think mass hysteria is going to come to Weatherford or Fort Worth. We are both wrong.

I talk my twin into getting a phnuemonia shot with me at Walgreens. We both walk into prisons on a regular basis. Keeping our vaccines up to date is important not only for our own health but also to keep from getting ill and possibly getting our family or clients sick too.

I buy colloidal silver. I buy zinc. I listen to Cindy complain about her arm pain. I have it too but it will get worse later. So painful was my left arm and shoulder by 1AM that I woke my husband crying out in pain. I go get Aleve.

My arm feels like it weighs 100lbs. I worry I’m having a bad reaction.

At 3AM, I call Cindy. Her arm is killing her too. We are both highly concerned this pain will be permanent.

I consider buying a sling the pain is so intense. After reviewing answers from others who have had the same shot, I decide to use my arm rather than prop it.

Friday morning, I drive to Weatherford. Cindy sits for me to meet her after Parker County Clerks Office. We can’t find feminine items for Cindy’s twin granddaughters and decide to set out on a mission. The twins are picky. They are also brand loyal.

Walmart is a mad house. Empty shelves and angry shoppers abound. We leave and go to Big Lots. We then leave and go to Albertsons. We then leave and go to Brookshires then H E B. We come up empty. There are no hygiene products to be found the Twins brand or otherwise.

There’s a fist fight at Brookshires. In small town America? Willow Park of all places? Two grown men fighting over toilet paper.

Someone is honking and yelling at someone else to pull out of a parking lot space. Angry honking which is rare in Texas is everywhere. People are agitated. Angry. Scared.

Governor Abbott announced a state of emergency. He also suggested removing visits from nursing homes, prisons and large gatherings of people.

Fifteen minutes later, TDCJ suspends all visitation. But, does this affect my clients and I as we go into Units during the week. I begin calling Units for next week. The revoked visitation affects my clients. Their dates are cancelled.

Arriving home, I’m still fielding panicked clients in Texas and other states. I have no idea how long this will last.

An email from Chaplain Rentz of Bridgeport Unit that reads “I’ve just got off a conference call with all Chaplains in TDCJ and they have Cancelled all Volunteer entry into Units throughout the state until further notice.”

I’m still trying to determine if my clients are affected when I find that they are. Everyone will need to reschedule. People who have waited months for a very important date. People who will be saddened and disappointed. My people. My clients.

Leigh Ann sends me photos and videos of mass hysteria in California. I advise her that Texans are equally terrified, angry and behaving in a manner I’ve never seen before.

I’m 55 years old. I’ve seen a lot of things. I’ve lived through the gas crisis in the 60’s and 70’s. I’ve never seen people fighting over food. I’ve never seen people fighting over water or toilet paper.

I’ve never seen anything like this mass hysteria occur in my lifetime. I hope I never see it again..watching people fight over gas as a child was something neither Cindy or I can or will ever forget.

We are all in this together. Please don’t hoard essential items that others need. Please don’t leave home if you are ill and please wash your hands

Tire Trouble, Tiaras, Torres Unit & Trying To Stay Fit

This morning, my twin sister called me about gaining weight over the holidays. Sadly, she wasn’t alone. We have both put on a few pounds after working so hard to lose weight in our fifties a little over a year ago.

From Halloween to Christmas, watching our weight is an ongoing challenge.

Twinning through the Holidays includes work, working out, and laughing at my sisters saucy observations. “You can’t cherry pick a withered branch from a barren tree.” You can’t expect results without effort.

While Cindy’s daughter, Leigh Ann continues to lose weight after her Gastric Bypass, Cindy and I have fought and fought midlife weight gain since turning 50 four years ago. Leigh Ann’s weight is falling off.

I had planned to go to the gym yesterday but, instead got caught up with a previous client who wanted a Winter Wonderland Photo Shoot in December.

Somewhat confused, I reiterated that Leigh Ann is running a Christmas Mini Shoot special but, was unaware of an option regarding Winter Wonderland.

Sending Leigh Ann a text, I decided to research Winter Wonderland shoots that mostly featured snow.

Since snow is rare in Texas and certainly not “scheduled,” I replied to the text trying to get more information instead.

The client specifically “didn’t want” Christmas themed photos. Okay. It was in my court to find out what exactly she did want and decipher whether or not it was something we offered.

Several texts later, it became apparent that snow wasn’t necessary but fun winter photos were.

Communication is key with every client. If I don’t understand what they want, it’s far harder for me to decide whether a booking will work or not.

I went through winter photos the past eight years to find suitable similar pictures to text the client. From a mother/daughter photo shoot for Mothers Day with coordinating tiaras that we re shot at the wedding with the daughter a few years older to the little boy holding one of my lanterns from our Texas Twins Treasures Inventory, I came up with a few cute photo ideas and locations thinking the situation had been solved with my creative input. But, I jumped the gun.

The client wanted to know if we could photoshop a winter background onto the photos? Well, it’s something we don’t offer. We edit photos and since this client had actually won a contest with my niece that was specifically for family photos emailed to the client and free, these add on options were somewhat surprising to Leigh Ann.

No good deed goes unpunished. My saucy sister “came up with” one of her Cindyism Quotes based on a similar situation years ago. “Don’t ask me for an apple and expect me to bake you a pie.”

Limiting or reigning in what is wanted or expected regarding a free service is not only necessary but, also essential. Try calling someone else for a service or item you didn’t pay for and see how far you get.

What was the situation? I had a bride who needed a wedding dress. Since I often buy them to have on hand to loan Pawning Planners Clients, I took the wedding dress to her.

A few days later, she called me to pick it up and have it altered. I advised her that I don’t sew or alter clothing that I’m loaning to someone. Sure, I was stunned. 

But, I’m not spending money to alter an item that I PAID FOR and LOANED YOU or GIFTED YOU as a courtesy.

Last year, yet another incident had me rattled with a client who wanted to borrow my flowers BUT, wanted them in her colors.  

After explaining to “the Diva” that loaned floral inventory “is what it is,” she began texting me photos of what she wanted. 

I began texting her what it would cost and that I would require a deposit. This ended the “looking a gift horse in the mouth situation.”

I created an inventory to loan to clients at MY OWN EXPENSE. If you don’t want to borrow my inventory, GO BUY YOUR OWN. 

“if COMMON sense was COUNTED in COINS, some PEOPLE got SHORTCHANGED, without a PENNY in their POCKETS” God bless us all.

A few years ago, another bride had found that I sell christening gowns at Texas Twins Treasures and wanted to add a Baptism for her child at her wedding.

Looking back, I should’ve SOLD her the christening gown but, my generosity AGAIN bit me in the butt when I paid priority shipping and mailed her the gown at no cost.

A few days later, rather than thanking me, the bride wanted me to PAY to have a “free to her” christening gown altered. I cannot make this shit up! Seriously. I have met far too many Demanding Divas that didn’t wanted everything BUT didn’t want to pay for it. 

Enlightening and educating these Princesses became such a hassle that I now simply “cut em loose early” and let someone else deal with their drama. You can’t pay me enough to deal with an unreasonable person or client.

There have been so many times that I’ve had to let someone know that I’m not a Fairy Godmother or seamstress that it would stun you. The bride was advised to find someone who sews or pay for alterations.

If I’m GIVING you something- the last thing you should be doing is asking for more, more, more. After all, no one GAVE it to me. I bartered it or bought it. 

Throughout my life on more than one occasion, being the person I’ve never met often has others believing that I’m either stupid or a pushover. I’m neither.

I decided to “meet in the middle” regarding the December photo shoot and visit my storage room for winter props. Sending a few more photos and ideas, I also went on eBay to buy tiaras and Winter Wonderland themed items assuming that we could incorporate them into our holiday photo shoot bookings through January.

I knew my TDCJ Prison Brides would love tiaras at their photo shoots and saw the investment paying off in the long run. 

After all, every year, I add new bouquets, props and other items to my existing inventory to replace and refresh items we use in our traveling photo booth so, I felt that “bending rather than breaking” to accommodate the complimentary photo shoot would work.

I’m not a photographer but, I’ve been a commercial actress and print model as well as actress for over thirty years and know quite a bit about poses and backgrounds.

What I didn’t know about photoshop, my niece, Leigh Ann did. Apparently, it’s not only time consuming but also, rather expensive.

Let’s look at what traditional price points are for photography first and then go into why editing and/or prints incur addition fees:

How Much Do Photographers Charge?

Hobbyist: Free or (under $100).

Amateur: $25 – $75 per hour.

Student: $50-100 per hour / $25-100 per image.

Semi-Pro: $50–$150 per hour / $25-125 per image.

Professional: $75-$250 per hour / $75-$250 per image.

Top Professional: $200-$500+ per hour / $250-$1,500 per image.

Leigh Ann is a professional photographer and seasoned. The package she offered in her giveaway was for 5-7 photos emailed to the client and didn’t involve prints. It also didn’t involve photoshop or various other background options. Leigh Ann needs to be more specific on her target ads and giveaways.

Since I was already “caught in the middle,” by responding to the client, I had also suggested using the Stockyard area for photos approximately 45 minutes from Leigh Ann who had planned to use Holland Lake Park three minutes from her home.

My niece often creates Mini Session Specials. I had a talk with her about specifics after a recent booking a few months ago.

What? Why? Well, the client booked Leigh Ann at $75 for one hour. The client showed up twenty minutes late. This particular client was also pretty demanding.

The client didn’t pay $25 for a photo disc but, as a courtesy, Leigh Ann provided one anyway. The client then wanted Leigh Ann to email ALL photos to her after editing. The client was either too lazy or too cheap to go print photos from the disc.

The client was a DIVA. Showing up late to her photo shoot? Check. Asking for more than she paid for? Check. Not bothering to promote Leigh Ann for going above and beyond? Check.

I’m not going to name any names here but…if you are late, there’s a late fee in all of my contracts. The reason for this is that after years of waiting on clients and running to my next event, I decided that a contract and deposit were essential to getting paid.

For years, getting paid because I gave clients the option to “settle their balance” on the day of the event made my job far more difficult. I have changed things up. 

I now REQUIRE payment in FULL one week prior to the event date. Trying to get paid on the day of an event is a thing of the past for me.

If you are bartering through The Pawning Planners, the trade and contract take place 30 days prior to the event.

I suggested Leigh Ann prepare a contract that specifically details what clients can expect and what she expects of them. Contracts eliminate misconceptions.

I’m now preparing a contract for her to use for photography bookings from this point forward as well as giving her tips on travel fees and deposits.

March- June and September- January are our busiest months. Why? Texas weather. 

December is a very busy month for my entire staff and the client who had won the giveaway waited months after Mothers Day to book her “free session.”

I also advised Leigh Ann to put a time limit on giveaways from now on to prevent unexpected bookings during a busy window. 

I.E. If you have won a giveaway with Leigh Ann, you have two weeks to book or forfeit the session. Period. A second place winner will be drawn to replace the first place winner. 

Let’s get back to that “apple” and the tardy party client. She posted photos on FB but, failed to promote Leigh Ann after being late to her photo shoot and forcing Leigh Ann to email edited photos which took over an hour. No good deed goes unpunished. Leigh Ann was lit about this.

I advised Leigh Ann to start adding a logo to her photos if the client was demanding emailed photos in order to promote herself.

In order to limit the work and time involved that a few clients or divas don’t realize photography entails, Leigh Ann now puts a price on it.

My new additions to Texas Twins Treasures for impromptu photo shoots with clients from Texas Prison Weddings With Wendy Wortham are sure to provide some fun and memorable photos. I love the tiara idea for props!I created Texas Twins Events years ago to help people who couldn’t afford traditional vendors. My twin was my first team member. 

Did I expect four generations of my family to join us? No. But, we’ve expanded and rebranded over and over again. Why? We go above and beyond. Our clients are like family to us.

Cindy’s Quote for going above and beyond? “People are like yeast in bread- they rise to every opportunity!”

We became the people we had never met. By doing things for our clients that no other vendor would do, clients loved our hilarious personalities and props. Cindy has never met a stranger.

I’m also adding new bling bouquets, furs, and holiday decor. We are currently sold out of the emerald and ruby bling bouquets and won’t be restocking bling bouquets for sale at Texas Twins Treasures until February.

If you are interested in custom bling bouquets, please allow 6-8 weeks off season and 8-10 weeks in season for delivery. A deposit is required on any custom order.

Our traditional in stock items are either solid or multi color silk roses with brooch details.

From the grey multi to the pink multi or the sold red, purple, or other colors, it should be noted that full brooch bouquets are heavy. Be aware of this.

A full brooch bouquet can weigh 2-4 lbs while a rosette brooch bouquet weighs 1-2 lbs. 

My rear tire was flat for some reason and I never made it to the gym yesterday but, I did text my son who I haven’t heard from since the Thanksgiving ruckus over my niece, Stephaney joining us. I juggle work and family on an everyday basis.

I also scheduled the winter wonderland photo shoot for December and realized that giving Leigh Ann advice regarding clients needs, wants and the reality or cost of what they are wanting is a necessary conversation.

To resolve the photoshopping issue, I suggested the client using our photos and having them photoshopped elsewhere. This way everyone is happy and there isn’t any confusion in a few weeks regarding add-ons.

If one of my clients changes the contract- I now write a new one. My reasons for this are that add-on items aren’t free.

I offer a wide variety of complimentary items that no one else does and because of this, limit add on items for purchase but not for free.

A few years ago, I was hired to Officiate a wedding. This takes 1-2 hours on location and if there’s a rehearsal, 3. Months into the planning process, the bride added 2 photographers. I gave her the cost and added that printed photos incurred an additional fee. I never asked for a deposit because it was agreed we would be paid on the day of the event.

One week prior to the event, the mother of the bride wanted my Team on location for set up making the total amount of time at this event 8 hours. This was one of the biggest business mistakes I’ve ever made. First, I didn’t require a contract and deposit. Second, adding on additional staff and additional time on site dramatically increased the cost. My staff and I were never paid. I sued the client and won. Theft Of Services whether the original contract was in writing or oral, if you can prove you privided services and didn’t get paid, sue them. I do. 

But, I can also write up a lawsuit on a paper napkin. I’m more than a little “familiar” with court. In fact, I have handled myself Pro Se in Federal Court (suing an employer who fired me while on medical leave and then moved my original lawsuit to Federal Court). Assuming that I would never be able to amend my original petition was a mistake on their part and yes, I won for unlawful termination while under a medical absence. I don’t suffer fools lightly. This Kitty has Claws. I’m nice but I’m far from a pushover. If you steal from me, you will wish you hadn’t. 

There is a good reason I require a contract. Over and over again, I’ve trusted people to do the right thing and from bounced checks to no payment at all or broken promises, I’ve learned that as a business, you cannot pay your bills on broken promises.

Teaching my son, daughter in law, nieces and grandnieces this ahead of time will spare them the experiences that I’ve encountered.

I cannot stress the importance of a contract enough to anyone booking a vendor or the vendor themselves. If you can’t write your own contract, hire an attorney but, get a contract.

Getting my tires checked this morning while waiting at Discount Tires, it should be noted that all of my blogs are written from my iPhone in venue or prison parking lots or even when waiting on clients. Blogging is squeezed into my schedule and a diary of sorts for me.

While I’m dreading trying to get my entire family together for Christmas and hoping that this year they will attempt to get along with each other, my shopping list is being worked into my schedule as most things are.

Getting back to the gym will also be carefully scheduled in today as I leave my SUV and hop into Cindy’s SUV for a lift to Tarrant County Jail to meet my three clients this afternoon.

Jail Weddings are traditionally handled by my son or my niece as my father is currently in Waco and unavailable. 

However, my son is working for his father today and Leigh Ann is editing photos. Jail Weddings are remarkably different from Prison Weddings for a number of reasons. 

First, you are not required to be Approved by Texas Department Of Criminal Justice. 

Secondly, there are no photos available for purchase. Third, many inmates are waiting to be transported to a Texas Prison and want their status to be married going in.

State Jails ARE PRISONS. Because of this, only a TDCJ Approved Officiant (me) can Officiate the ceremony inside a Texas Prison.

My schedule at Texas Prisons is booked through January. Normally, I book only a month out at a time. However, numerous Lock Downs have moved my October and November TDCJ Clients to December and January.

Texas Prison Weddings take place Monday through Friday from 8AM-5PM. The reason for this is that most Unit Weddings take place in the visitation area which is in use on weekends.

If you are a “traditional booking,” your event is either on the weekend or evening which is how I successfully expanded my bookings to include TDCJ Weddings. The “fit” with my schedule was perfect.

Death Row Weddings do not take place in the visitation area. Please be aware of this. There is no contact at a Death Row Wedding.

Traditionally, Prison Weddings allow holding hands, appropriate kissing and hugs. Death Row Wedding Ceremonies do not allow contact.

Cindy and I look forward to meeting our prospective Pawning Planners Clients this week and appraising your items. We are also traveling to several units and mailing out Texas Twins Treasures sales items.

Pawning Planners Apparel featuring Cindy Daniel’s Cindyism Quotes are on a 7-10 day ship time. If you need another language, 14-21 days. We are thrilled with sales from Pawning Planners Apparel and appreciate your patronage. 

To choose your favorite Redneck Reality Quote, google #Cindyism or Pawning Planners Apparel. We are now out of stock on TDCJ Watch Caps and will restock in January. The caps are still available as are hoodies, light jackets and long sleeve tees.

I order these from a third party and don’t produce TDCJ items for sale in our inventory. Because of this, sizes and inventory vary.  If you have a particular size needed, please contact us and we will try to work with our suppliers to restock in plus sizes. We do not sell patches. Texas Prison Museum has a variety of patches available for purchase.
I never actually thought that TDCJ items would be best sellers. In fact, I was wearing a hat that had been given to me in Tennessee Colony when someone asked if they could buy it. Our TDCJ Inventory varies so please check back frequently for new items.

Cindy and I are looking forward to getting back on track and fit in our fifties although the gym isn’t exactly our favorite location.

Nipping this holiday weight gain in the bud early will keep us from going back to Boot Camp. Cindy and I aren’t afraid of hard work and elbow grease. We just don’t love the gym. It’s in and out for us and we clock it.

Cindy and I are also going to the photo shoot with Leigh Ann and packing our suvs with winter props to hopefully give the client what she wants while keeping the photo shoot fun.

I started the prop trend years ago because 1. I’m an experienced floral designer and 2. Pawning Planners Clients cannot afford to provide their own floral designs.

Did I expect that my inventory would grow over the years to include furniture, signs, seasonal items and more? No. But, our clients love photo booth items and we love to add new items.

Cindy and I never planned on selling brooch bouquets either but, one of our bouquets was such a hit that the orders started rolling in.

My twin and I look forward to seeing all of our new and previous clients on location in the coming months and hopefully my tire issue is minor but, it’s better to find out while in Fort Worth than in the boondocks headed to a Texas Prison…