How to Marry a Texas Inmate


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The non-incarcerated spouse will need to go to their local county clerk’s office & obtain an “affidavit for absent applicant for marriage license”. Send this to your soon to be spouse.

Your soon to be spouse will need to submit an I-60 request to the unit’s Access to Courts (ATC)/Law Library Supervisor to obtain a photocopy of his Inmate TDCJ ID card. Upon the funds 10 cents) being deducted from his Inmate trust fund account, he will need to take the “affidavit for absent applicant for marriage license” & place them in the mail to the intended non-incarcerated spouse.

Your loved one will then take the completed “affidavit of absent applicant for marriage license” & the photocopy of the Inmate’s ID card to their local county clerk. The county clerk will provide the intended spouse an “application for marriage license”. The intended spouse will complete the “application for marriage license” & pay any fees associated to said license. The county clerk will then issue the intended spouse a marriage license.

The intended spouse will arrange for an “officiant” & pay the “officiant” any fees.

The “officiant’ will need to complete the “application of person requesting to perform a marriage” (AD-03.42, attachment A) & fax it (936-437-4823) to the Access to Courts n Huntsville.

Upon the “Officiants” application being approved. The intended spouse will need to notify the Inmate of the name of the “officiant”. The Inmate will need to submit an I-60 request to the ATC/Law Library Supervisor noting the “officiants” name & the intended spouse’s name.

Upon the Warden’s approval, the unit’s chaplain will notify the intended non-incarcerated spouse of the date the ceremony will be conducted.

The intended spouse will notify the “officiant” of the date of the ceremony & both will appear at the unit at the designated date & time.

The intended spouse’s & officiant’s attire shall comply with the TDCJ Inmate Rules & Regulations for Visitation.

Upon completion of the ceremony, the intended spouse & ‘”officiant” shall immediately leave the TDCJ premises.

The “officiant” shall complete the marriage license & return it to the county clerk for filing.