“Do NOT Shake The Tree UNLESS You Are WILLING to EAT The FRUIT That Falls”

It’s hard to shock me within the entertainment industry. I’ve met dishonest  people now and again but, who hasn’t in just about any industry?

Throughout my career as a film and commercial model as well as in various other projects, I’ve made many friends within the production company sector as well. People I’ve worked with that have earned my respect and would never deliberately mislead me. 

On the other side of the same coin, there are others who are far from transparent. I’ve never been highly tolerant of either fabrication or dishonesty. But, within my private life as well as business life, I’ve encountered both. When someone is dishonest with me, I lay out the rope. Why? To allow them to hang themselves. I’m patient. Know this going in. Buckle up. 

Many of you are aware that for eighteen months, my niece has relapsed and caused considerable stress to my life. I’m telling you this because anyone who loves an addict is already emotional. They are already under stress. I am. Walking into a prison is also emotional. I’m always “on.” 

Many people ask “what is it like walking into a prison with someone marrying an inmate?” It is something even I have difficulty putting into words. I meet the client in the Prison parking lot. I’ve nearly never met them in person. I often have no idea what they look like as I send a text to meet me at guard gate to “clear in.” 

These are not the people many would expect to marry an inmate. From nurses to counselors to teachers, they all are predominantly middle class and, usually well educated. 

It should be noted that at least 40% of my clients photos are never posted due to their employment contracts, child custody and other reasons. I protect their privacy intentionally because I must ask a lot of questions. This aspect will be important later. Take note of it. 

I will also “clarify that the inmate is not my client.” The person on the outside is. At no time prior to meeting the inmate with my client have I ever spoke to an inmate or even corresponded. 

The fascination of my clients lives and their relationships with an inmate have made them well sought after by others. But, is reality tv going to help them or hurt them? 

These clients and the production companies who want to contact them (through me of course) may be why I’m protective of them with many of my own years of experience from the unpredictable “reality television” industry. 

The TDCJ journey with me is in fact far closer than a “traditional client.” How so? It’s far more intimate. They are frightened and they are also almost always intimidated. They stand alone with not only me but also guards who stand at a distance in order to give us a degree of privacy. Normally, my clients hold my hand or huddle near me as we await the entrance of the inmate and more guards. 

It’s quiet. It’s somber and yet, the moment the inmate is led in, my client is joyous. They are excited but, being surrounded by guards isn’t the wedding day that most can imagine or even comprehend. 

I am BY FAR more than their TDCJ Officiant. I am their friend. Their mother. The one who spends weeks and even months holding their hand through a frightening and confusing planning process. 

There will be setbacks. Lost paperwork. Refiles on I60’s. An inmate making an error on the Absentee Affidavit. A CLM status to someone else. 

A TDCJ client calling me crying is an everyday occurrence. I juggle 30-60 clients and even at that number, push back mid month bookings to the following month. I do not schedule a Prison wedding. 

Scheduling follows a paper trail that ends with the Warden as the last signor. The I60 will either be Approved or Denied. If it’s Approved, the Warden then “hands off the I60 to the Chaplain” who will call my client as I’m almost always at another Unit during the week. The client will then call me to check my schedule and I in turn will contact the Unit to confirm the date and time.

If an I60 is Denied, undoing whatever caused the Denial will effectively restart the ENTIRE PROCESS. A Denial is of course, every Clients worst nightmare. 

I have never advertised ANY of my businesses. I am sought after to such an extent based on my reputation that I’m also adding three family members to address new bookings. 

The demand for prison weddings shocks even me. Texas is known for Huntsville but, Tennessee Colony has an equal number of Units. Both cities are convenient for me as I can leave one Unit and within minutes, be at the next. 

To somewhat limit my driving whenever possible, I “stack” clients at the same Unit. Stacking is when 2-8 and occasionally up to 10 clients are marrying at the same Unit. 

At any given time though, the I60 and subsequent disruption to the paperwork trail can (and does) limit my ability to pull off stacking everyone on my books at the same (or within close proximity) to another Unit which is why it’s not uncommon for me to visit the same Unit a minimum of once a month. Each Unit sets aside one day every other week to schedule a wedding. 

Due to the number of Units, if I’m more than one hour away from an existing booking, I bump the date. If I’m in Huntsville or Tennessee Colony, I can quickly get to a nearby Unit which does give me a certain degree of flexibility. 

FBOP Wedding ceremonies are even more structured. State Prisons operate under the Administrative Directive. There is no rule bending when it comes to a Prison wedding. 

If an inmate has a status that prevents him from standing with my client and I, we stand at a thick glass window. The inmate can both hear and understand although such situations are far more sad to me than having them standing with me and the client. 

The first time I encountered “the glass” was at Ferguson Unit. The inmates are in a cage of sorts and chained. I was so surprised by this that my client reversed roles to assure me “it’s okay Miss Wendy. I expected the glass” while I attempted to compose myself and overcome my shock. PS I’m being serious. 

Occasionally, my clients are unexpectedly comforting me in an unfamiliar or unexpected situation. Over the past few years I’ve become accustomed to Prisons, guards and razor wire but, it didn’t happen overnight. For someone who had never seen a prison other than on TV as a child and much less had ever been in one, this on its own will surprise some of you. 

Glass is always something I’m uncomfortable with especially if I need to communicate by phone. The phones are often unreliable. The inmate can’t hear me and I can’t understand them. I will never get used to glass. 

The inmates are always friendly and courteous to me. My clients have told them all about me. Their familiarity is similar to my own pulling into the parking lot of a Texas Prison. 

I know a lot about my clients. The inmates know a lot about me but,  rarely have I actually seen my client in person and never have I seen the inmate.

I never Google an inmate. I decided this a few years ago. My reasons are that I don’t want to have an impression or opinion. Yes, this information is published and public but, the inmate is known to be by a number. Each inmate is assigned to a number. When I call a Unit, the number identifies which inmate to my client. Units don’t want my clients name. They want the inmates number and last name. 

I’ve never had the desire to know “what they are in for.” Because of my belief that out of respect for my client I shouldn’t ask, I’ve never had to. Clients occasionally volunteer this information to me on their own. It’s often far too much information. 

Still, I form no opinion or premeditated conclusion regarding the inmate. My client loves the inmate regardless of why they are there or “how long they are in for?” I’m addressing this because everyone asks me. I prefer not to know. 

Miguel Martinez was readily recognized by my son when he saw an Instagram post. I don’t watch television and had never even heard of I’m A Killer. The title alone seems intimidating. But, Miguel wasn’t. Inmates are always courteous and thankful for my help in walking their partner through a very confusing process. Both parties are.

Many of inmates families are very close to my clients. They support them and are already a family although one component (the inmate) is missing. 

I’ve been asked “how often do they call, text or email?” From many times a day for Mary to every other day or once a week. Planning a Prison wedding requires that I be the go between. The client doesn’t contact the Unit, I do. 

My relationship with Units is stellar. I’m professional and if my client has a meltdown, it is also I who comforts and calms her when she is forced to wear a cafeteria smock over her clothing. It’s happened before and, it will happen again. 

TDCJ Visitation Dress Code applies to Unit Wedding Ceremonies. However, a few of my brides have been allowed to wear wedding dresses. It’s rare though. 

On a handful of occasions, my client will wear something the Warden won’t “clear.” Attire is at the discretion of the Unit. Meaning even if my client feels she is within the code, the Warden can insist on a cafeteria smock or change of clothes. It’s always awkward. Because of this, I bring my own clothing changes for clients (I’m always prepared) and encourage clients to do so too (in the event the range of sizes I’ve brought won’t fit them.) I think of everything to prevent problems for my clients. Including their clothing. I’m also OCD. 

I AM NEVER out of the Code. I wear suits and slacks always to a Prison. The dreaded cafeteria smock and effective “walk of shame” are not what any bride wants on wedding day.

Wiping my clients eyes and wrapping one arm around her to steady her as she regrets that her knee was visible or her shirt was too sheer on her wedding day is by far the most intimate moments I’ve ever shared. What I do isn’t easy or light. 

Michael Unit DOES NOT ALLOW dresses or skirts. It’s the only Unit I have encountered that doesn’t. Texas Tough The Rise Of America’s Prison Empire describes Michael Unit as “one of the meanest lock ups in Texas.” 

I’ve been to Michael Unit many times but, thank God my first visit was as a passenger in my clients car. It was the first maximum security unit I had ever been to and, it was intimidating. The Texas sun blasting off the razor wire was completely different from Estes. 

Sanders Estes was my first Unit years ago. Michael was my second. Nothing and I mean nothing prepared me for it. It is an intimidating and massive structure. Inside the Unit though, it was business as usual and my fear of claustrophobia would eventually stop causing me to panic when steel doors slammed behind me. I no longer jump. 

Somewhere between my tenth and maybe even my twentieth Prison wedding, I had finally convinced myself that “I was in the safest place in the world.” I’ve now been in more prisons than I can even recall. County jails too. 

Across back roads and even dirt roads, I’ve had a few hilarious moments. The buzzard that flew into my windshield or the goat bouncing in front of my SUV at Luther Unit it even the stray dog near Coffield Unit I fed when he walked up to my drivers door. I’m not a “country person” although I live in Texas. In fact, I’ve always been a city person and enjoy being in the heart of downtown Fort Worth for easy access to a number of freeways. 

I’ve been called “the boss lady” or “Miss Wendy” and occasionally even “my savior” by TDCJ Clients. Why? I know what to do, how to do it or how to overcome it when it comes to not only Prison Wedding Planning but also every aspect of my life. 

I’ve never been shy and I’ve never been ignorant either. My husband would tell you “Wendy wears the pants” and mean it because I do. The buck literally stops with me. I’m both focused and articulate. I am also candid and blunt. 

In my life and with my numerous “roles and responsibilities,” I also have very little patience for anyone who intentionally or willfully wastes either my time or my efforts. Remember this because it is important. 

My time is a priceless commodity for not only me but also my clients and my family. I’m a no nonsense type of person. 

My role for TDCJ Weddings is serious. The client is also my friend long after the wedding is over. They often tell me they love me and they mean it. I was there for them each and every step of the way. 

No client from Texas Twins Events or The Pawning Planners has been or ever will be as dependent on me as a TDCJ client. 

These “Prison people”  are the clients that everyone wants to get their hands on. The people who face the difficult life of being a one income family, long drives to Units and expensive phone calls. 

The people who sacrifice everyday to make their relationship work. I know them intimately. Why? Because they have no idea of how to marry an inmate in a state or federal prison. 

It’s a lengthy and emotional journey to marry a Prisoner that my clients share with me by their side every step of the way. They know hopelessness. They experience loneliness. 

On holidays, as others are with family, people who love a Prisoner aren’t. One of the saddest times for me to walk into a prison with my client is in fact, Christmas. Festive decorations amidst the sterile environment of bars and razor wire. It’s difficult to understand how they manage but, they do. I’ve never had a TDCJ client divorce. NEVER.

TDCJ Clients understand sorrow and they are some of the kindest individuals that I’ve met in all of my years in the wedding industry. 

I’ve never had a Bridezilla for a TDCJ Client. These warriors are sometimes judged by others and for a few like Mary Martin, they are also taken advantage of by the media.

The “people on the outside”don’t need anyone “prying into their relationship” only to cast them aside because they don’t “fit a mold” for a production company. Such intrusions into their lives are disruptive. No one likes rejection. If I’m protective of my clients, I have valid reasons. 

I work seven days a week. For me, there are no sick days or reschedules. I’m reliable. I’m principled and I have never asked anyone to do my job for me in my entire life. I educate myself and learn what I don’t understand. I would never expect someone to do my job for me.

I’m a problem solver. Often, people outside my family and/or my client bases WANT ME TO SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS. This IS A PROBLEM. Narcissistic people assume that the world owes them a living. Unless I am bound to you by blood or business, I don’t OWE YOU anything. 

For over two years now, production companies have continued to contact me about “what they want.” They don’t care that they are disrupting your life or your work at THEIR CONVENIENCE. 

My clients might or might not be interested and I never share their contact information to anyone for any reason. Their privacy is important to me. I’m happy to share your information to them instead.

However, today’s blog is based on something that I have yet to encounter before and due to this unusual and unscrupulous “scenario,” I’m documenting it. 

You will be as taken aback as I was and for a person who had thought they had seen it all, that’s saying a lot. 

“Production people” wanting something from me and offering nothing in return are always disruptive and in today’s blog, demanding and incredibly deceptive. 

In the midst of my professional and personal life, the stress of trying to get one of my clients (Mary) married took four months through a very difficult and emotional process. 
Read on… 
A little background information will enlighten ya all. I’m currently 54 years old. I’m telling you this because I’m wise and experienced today and have been for years. This was not the case years ago. Experience is a great teacher. 

At 18 years old, I filmed 5 commercials for Whataburger with Mel Tillis. These commercials ran for years. YEARS. What was I paid? $75.00 dollars. I’ve learned the hard way about the “entertainment industry.” 

What you are about to read will SHOCK YOU. I laugh when people underestimate my intelligence but, it’s a regular occurrence. Is it because I live in Texas? One had to wonder. We aren’t all hillbillies. I’m not. 

Don’t ask me for an apple and expect a pie. I’m smart enough to recognize when I’m being played. 

Occasionally, like last week, I had neither the patience nor my usual tolerance to “play along.” 

I’m always and will always be accountable. Last week, I would solely because of my client base encounter someone who wasn’t. 

People are shocked when their lies get tangled in the rope. Their merry and callous journey gets them into murky water. But, I can’t fix stupidity. No one can.

Let’s visit ACCOUNTABILITY: the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility. “Their lack of accountability has corroded public respect.” 

This same person was also threatening me with a lawsuit after publishing the facts. Defamation? Libel? People who scream lawsuits are always uneducated as to what they are threatening you with. I’m not. 

“Truth is an absolute defense to libel claims, because one of the elements that must be proven in a defamation suit is falsity of the statement. If a statement is true, it cannot be false, and therefore, there is no prima facie case of defamation.”

This one is for you Chris. “While like the tort of abuse of process, its elements include intentionally instituting and pursuing a legal action that is brought without probable cause and dismissed in favor of the victim of the malicious prosecution.” 

I have never and WILL NEVER post anything that I cannot support by valid & verified proof. I.E. I don’t make mistakes. I never lie and won’t lie to anyone for any reason. But, I’ve met plenty of people in my life who have. 

Let’s get started to the last week of my life running from Prisons to venues and fielding phone calls from existing and new clients all day everyday. Some of these phone calls from TDCJ Clients are emotional. The I60 was Denied. The Unit is on a Lock Down. 

The Prison Wedding Planning Process is unpredictable AND emotional for my clients. In certain cases, I AM the only support they have “on the outside.” 

I’m every Clients mother along the way too. How so? They need someone to guide them, comfort them and give them educated and knowledgeable insight along the process. I AM THAT SOMEONE. 

In 2012, I sold “Debt Lawsuit Solutions LLC.” I’m far more intelligent that the people who THINK they are smart. By the time I got finished with them though, they rethought not only their ignorance but also their misconceptions regarding their own intelligence. I don’t “advertise” or exhibit my degree of intelligence intentionally. Why? I prefer to shock people who think I’m stupid instead. It’s actually not only entertaining but also hilarious for me. 

Grab your coffee, latte or mimosa and prepare yourself for one of the wildest and most incredible true life “shell games” that I have ever encountered. 

All of the other production companies who consistently have failed to do ANY research (much less read my blogs) are completely, wholly and entirely uneducated regarding both my businesses and my life but more importantly, my time. 

Time is the one thing I can never replace. Steal my car, take my jewelry but, for Gods Sakes, do not waste my time, energy or efforts. I have no tolerance for such thievery. 


Cindy Daniel

Thank you Lifetime. Like you, Cindy and I hated that pilot too. It should be noted that less than 3% of my clients book through The Pawning Planners. 

Heaven knows what we would told to be doing next if we had been picked up. “More energy! Can you push those tires up that hill?” You get the point. No one bothered to ask but, my twin has 12 lbs of steel fusing her spine. No one cared. Hell, that production company would have put us in an early grave years ago. 

That week of filming exhausted my twin to such an extent that even just walking into Walmart after wrapping a week of filming  to buy her twin granddaughters a bike had her publicly melting down. She could barely move. 

I will never put my sister through something like that again for anyone for any reason. Like protecting my clients, I also protect my twin. 

Both Cindy and I suffered hernias during filming. Our former production company was unaware of this of course because God knows considering our safety was the LAST THING on THEIR MINDS. Had I known that during the filming my sister and I would suffer hernias beforehand, I would have assuredly and certainly told our production company to go F THEMSELVES. And now you know why I’m so protective of my clients. 

Note to anyone and everyone wanting to be a “reality star” who signed a Standard Reality Agreement,” If YOU get hurt during filming, buckle up because your production isn’t responsible. Read your contract. 

“Roll truck tires up the hill faster if you can. YOU know like you are in a real hurry.” Production companies are not always “sensitive” I can assure you. 

If anyone “outside” the entertainment industry is reading this and shaking their head. SIT DOWN. Read it twice and realize I don’t ever mislead or fabricate ANYTHING. 

I’m well aware of legal and/or binding contracts. Apparently, last weekend, Chris thought I was either stupid or too green to realize that he was “stringing me along” I simply put him his phony contract and continued demands on a back burner. Why? Because if you are in a hurry for something or have a sense of urgency, I’m suspicious. As usual, I was right. 

For those unaware of contracts, read this: The difference between implied and express contract is essentially as follows: An express contract is one in which the terms and conditions are spelled out in the contract, either verbally or in writing. … An implied contract is one in which the terms and conditions are inferred by the actions of the parties involved. 

After my experience filming a pilot five years ago, I also educated myself regarding entertainment law. That’s right. Once is experience but, twice is stupidity. 

Doing whatever that production company told us to do was stupid on our part BUT WAS BASED ENTIRELY ON OUR EXISTING AND STELLAR WORK ETHICS. 

Only by knowing this information will you understand why Cindy and I just went along blindly trusting our production company. We made a mistake but, it was one I would never make again. 

All of our lives, Cindy and I have our 150% in when it came to working. We had no choice. We both left home at 15 with the clothes in our backs (in case anyone wonders why we are so “different and driven”). 

Taking direction from someone with no consideration of the dangers to the “talent” AKA Cindy and I? ABSOLUTELY. Talent is disposable. Never again. If you want someone at 50 years old to roll a truck tire uphill, do it yourself. 

At the time that pilot was filmed, my main business, Texas Twins Events was and had been my primary booking source aside from venues I’m on staff at. 

Apparently, my main business wasn’t “interesting enough?” The same business that has rebranded and expanded 3 times in 5 years? Never once have I paid to advertise or needed to. I regularly turn down “traditional” booking requests. DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY. I’m expensive. 

Jason thought I was stupid five years ago, like everyone else, he as well as Chris effectively, underestimated me. 

Texas Inmate Wedding bookings by far exceed Texas Twins Events bookings. In fact during the week, I’m at a Texas Prison. I am the most sought after Prison wedding Officiant there is. I also work in other states and Prisons too. People wait to book with me. Clients accommodate MY SCHEDULE. I make the rules. I also earned the privilege. Meaning- no one gave my my success. I earned it. 

During wedding season, I work traditional events on weekends. From client calls to questions to Unit Lock Downs, I rarely have a break. People who call me that aren’t a client are a waste of my time. They want my knowledge. My expertise. My experience. They don’t want to pay for it. Screw em. Pay me don’t call me. Send a contract. 

I am an emotional person. In situations like Mary’s where it took months to get her married, I didn’t sleep a week prior to her wedding and was already exhausted continuing my schedule while wearily wondering if her wedding would be rescheduled or cancelled? I always put myself in my clients shoes during an often frustrating and lengthy process that only I understand. Prison Weddings are stressful. 

Warily, I expected and wondered how Mary would take it emotionally if she were forced to endure yet another setback or reschedule to her wedding? For months, Mary and I had shared over a hundred emails. 

It is a very intimate relationship that I share with TDCJ Clients. People who also don’t trust “outsiders.” 

Between Mary and my niece, I was unable to sleep or eat while instead choosing to throw myself into my work and clients. 

Meanwhile, my niece was calling from a Psych Ward. Now you know my actual state of mind when that message from Chris not only irritated the devil out of me but added yet another thing to deal with to my life and why exactly I’m posting this blog. 

I cannot tolerate a con artist. A flim flam man but, even I could not predict why a week of dealing with Chris would be a colossal waste of time to my already heavily burdened schedule and my life. 

I would find out fairly quickly about why Chris found me and what HE WANTED that he was willing to be untruthful in order to try and get it from me. Time is something I cannot replace, I would also hold Chris accountable for wasting not only my time but also my intelligence.

Between work and family, I cannot and will not take on yet another task especially someone else’s responsibility or role simply because someone at first wanted (and expected me me to do it for nothing) and upon realizing that I wouldn’t, sent a fraudulent contract they never intended to uphold. NOW YOU ARE CATCHING ON. 

Last Saturday, there was a message on my Instagram account (@wendywortham) from Chris. 

Since I never check instant messages on social media because I don’t have the time and hadn’t updated the app, I effectively “missed” the Saturday message. 

Also, I was on location with clients working more importantly, getting paid for my efforts by my clients and therefore, assuredly not tending to social media. I don’t take phone calls on location, check email, or do ANYTHING other than focus on my clients. 

If my house was on fire- my husband wouldn’t call and disrupt me. I’m OCD. I strive for perfection on location at any and all costs. 

If there happens to be an emergency, no one in my family (except my niece) will disrupt me until I’m leaving a location. They know better. I’m focused. I strongly dislike disruptions that take my focus from my clients. 

Let’s begin on a weeklong charade. Last Sunday, I noticed the message waiting notification and went to the airplane icon for messages. Chris had messaged me both Saturday and Sunday. 

It was Monday before I actually even bothered to call Chris. Why? I’m busy as F and the “considerable consideration” part was BS and I knew it. The “carrot” was being waved but, I don’t need money. I need more time. 

Assumptions by Chris that such a statement regarding big money would entice me instead enraged me. 

I also “had an attitude” when I did call Chris back. I had just driven 10 hours round trip. I had Huntsville Tuesday with a dental Appt at 8AM prior to meeting Mary on Wednesday

On Thursday, I was at Parker County Jail then Jack County Jail (along with that stupid Skype call with Chris), marriage licenses to file and items to pick up for a wedding rehearsal Friday night and 4 weddings, 1 baptism and one vow renewal over the weekend. 

What about my clients phone calls, emails and text messages (both new bookings as well as current) that I address within 1-3 hours each day and EVERY DAY? I’m BUSY. 

My niece was being released from the Psych Ward in less than a week, one of our suvs was in the shop and I had a full weekend that would roll right in to Michael Unit then Hobby and no surprise, another booked weekend. 

Do you know how many people have a loved one in prison? Know someone in prison? It’s real life. “Controversial” to a select few but Prison is a reality of life for the masses of families who love an inmate.

I won’t let my TDCJ Clients sign a similar contract as Cindy and I did 6 years ago. They are my children. They are also unaware of what they are giving up. 

Reality contracts are wholly and entirely one sided. Over the next four months of wedding season, if I have an hour or two to get a pedicure, it would be a miracle. Wedding season is the WORST time for someone (Chris) ANYONE to “hit me up to help THEM.”

I DON’T HAVE EMERGENCIES. Do you know why? Because I carefully plan my life, my business and my day. If you are on a tight timeline, get a daytimer or don’t over commit yourself to something you can’t deliver and expect me to be the “fixer” for you. 

 “It’s NOT considered BUILDING a BRIDGE with the NEIGHBOR, if YOU are ONLY going to USE it, to BORROW the HORSE.” 

Throughout my entire life, I have also frequently encountered those who assume that if someone is successful, they had it handed to them. I didn’t. 

I HAVE never have been “lucky.” I’m driven. I AM PASSIONATE. I AM PERSEVERANT. There’s a difference. Lucky? This incredibly stupid summation of my continued success has NEVER been based on a “roll of the dice.” 

On the “flip side of the same coin,” I’ve also encountered arrogant people who thought they were by far smarter, craftier, and more cunning that the person they are being dishonest with. I wait. Along came a spider…

Those who know more about my life specifically because I am transparent, also realize I’m a survivor. My twin is too.

Assumptions make an ass out of one or both parties on a regular basis. Generally though, the ass is actually the most “trusting” party. You know someone who doesn’t expect to be lied to or deceived and yet, THEY ARE with both malice and forethought. 

Cindy and I were the “patsy’s” on that pilot. But why? Because our production company either wanted to make fools of us or they hated us? Who knows? I jumped through every hoop they asked us to and paid for everything myself. “You need a new website.” Okay. “You need to copyright Pawning Planners.” Okay. You need to fly back and forth at your own expense. Okay. 

Maybe if I had said NO, they wouldn’t have embarrassed my sister to tears within the first two minutes? 

Maybe if I hadn’t broken my foot in the parking lot moments before the pitch meetings I might have asked more questions? I never said a word. My pain was intense. 

My work ethics are unheard of. I would go to the hospital following both pitch meetings and effectively, honor my commitments to the pitch meetings I had also paid for and flown Cindy and I to LA at my own expense in order to attend. The accident of my clumsily tripping over a curb stop was both painful and unexpected. 

The show goes on for me though. It always has. Cindy was the only one aware I was struggling in pain. I honor my commitments. I ALWAYS HAVE. 

Maybe the production company just wanted to embarrass the shit out of us? I believe so. Why, I have no idea. Cindy cried about that dumb ass pilot. It was humiliating. 

We killed our selves during that week of filming physically. There was no need to have us loading furniture and lifting heavy items or roll truck tires. 

But, our production company deliberately edited us right into idiots. Not successful business entrepreneurs but instead, clowns.

The two reputable production companies that we have ever dealt with? Two Four and Taillight. Both honest and transparent. They kept their promises. Neither asked me to pay for this or buy that much less cover travel expenses either.

Our production company exec (who filmed the pilot) told me “we REALLY need you at those pitch meetings.” Jason, if you really needed us why didn’t you need us badly enough to make travel arrangements like everyone else? Oh, I know, “Wendy is rich.” Why not make HER pay for everything then embarass Wendy AND Cindy after working us nearly to death for $500 each to film the pilot and then… editing us into unrelatable characters to boot although I did each and every thing you had asked Jason. 

“No” is my new word. The word “yes” sucks. Were you jealous we have fun together? We are all we have. Get over yourself. There was no reason to creatively make us look crazy and yet, you did. I wasted so much money doing what YOU told me to do but, I learned. 

I also could afford to take a financial hit then and now. You knew it Jason and you took advantage of that. I can tell you this though, no amount of money will ever compensate embarrassing my sister for me or her. We were a game to you. 

I don’t know why and I don’t care. You should have never left that in. Make fun of me but leave her alone. I LEARNED TO DISLIKE AND DISTRUST production companies because of you. 

When I travel to destination events, my clients pay travel, hotel and rental car as well as per diem expenses AND my fee. 

The production company? “No, we can’t afford to pay your expenses. You will need to cover your own travel.” REMEMBER, I never say or publish ANYTHING I cannot prove. It is a fact. 

I’m meticulous and unlike production companies, I’m wholly and completely transparent. I HATE smoke and mirrors. 

Shocked about a group of folks (production companies)  who can certainly “act affluent,” take it from me kids, you may will be asked to pay your own way by the wrong ones. 

They “need you” but not enough to cover hotel and airfares from DFW to LAX? Shocking isn’t it? 

I spent thousands of dollars of my own money doing everything the former production company told me to do from travel to website development to buying items out of my own pocket for that wedding to even paying for copyrights and web development. THOUSANDS. Because I was asked to. 

If you were my sister and I after watching a pilot that was edited to deliberately embarrass you and make you appear to be too stupid to complete the simple task of closing a box truck door after all the money you spent traveling back and forth to LA at your own expense while continuing to do whatever else your production company asked of you that you ALSO PAID FOR out of your own pocket, you would have an attitude about reality tv too. 

For all the folks running around saying “well, they saw that pilot” AND assume that either I or Cindy had creative control, here’s a WAKE UP CALL for ya all…Don’t blame us because you didn’t like the finished product. We had no hand in it and, if we had, a week of filming would never have been whittled down to our worst moments.

Blame the production company paid (by the network to film the pilot) and stop acting as if all of those exhausting days of filming edited by the production company are an accurate and or even fair REFLECTION ON EITHER CINDY OR MYSELF. Our former production company is also now non existent. Go figure? 

Subsequently, on a completely different experience while filming This Time Next Year, we FINALLY encountered a reputable production company that paid our expenses and shocked the heck out of my twin and I after all those years of PAYING for EVERYTHING ourselves because OUR production company “couldn’t afford to.” 

I wish I had said “well forget it then. Have a great life.” I do now. But, I also have always LEARNED EVERYTHING the hard way. It’s impossible to forget when you learn things the hard way. Trust me.  

As usual, Chris (yet another production company) started in about what HE WANTED from Me. WHAT A SHOCKER. 

I am a consultant with GLG (and have been for years) as well as numerous other projects and here is the wake up call that production companies solely need to comprehend– I get paid to consult. I’m not in the fix YOUR PROBLEMS on my dime or time business type of person. That first phone call to Chris summed it up and quickly for me. 

Listening to about 1 minute while answering emails, I had heard enough already. I said “For nearly three years now, you and people like you have continued to waste my time expecting me to do YOUR JOB FOR YOU. Here are MY TERMS. I don’t give a flying F about what you want or need. Here is what I REQUIRE in order to speak with you further. Send me a contract. You don’t have the talent so, you will pay me to find them for as well as act as a consultant and gain you access to my connections with Wardens and Units. I have nothing further to say until I see a contract. My time and knowledge are valuable commodities. Unless you are compensating me, you are wasting my time. 

Two hours later, outlining my Prison schedule during the week and weekend commitments on weekends, the “contract” came through my email Monday. 

AMAZINGLY, old Chris sent me EVERY THING that I had asked for and, I will get to that. Stay tuned. It’s GOOD STUFF. 

It is hilarious for “regular folks” who are unfamiliar with production companies and their regular “load of bullshit.” You know, like Cindy and I YEARS AGO ourselves. 

FYI everyone reading this- get an entertainment attorney if you are negotiating with a production company. You’re welcome. 

Back to Chris and his “fluffy contract.” No mention of percentages or payments? What kind of a contract was this? Even Standard Reality Contracts throw you under the bus with HONESTY. 

This contract also HAD US doing all of the work? No mention of money? AGAIN? I laughed so much I nearly wet my own pants. Smoke and mirrors. Snake oil. Surprise. Loads of responsibilities? Check. Maybe he knew Jason? Humph. 

I’m going to go over why Chris agreed to my terms in a moment to better enlighten all of you. Chris was thinking he was smart. He was actually being a smart ass (just like Jason) and most likely laughing with equal hilarity regarding “just going along with that cranky bitch Wendy.” I was equally SICK OF YOU Chris.

Cindy is so much nicer or so everyone thinks. She isn’t. Surprised? Don’t be. We are both intolerant of liars and equally pissed off when lied to.

Pay attention to page 2 “access to various prisons” it’s important. I have the “access” and “connections” that Chris didn’t have and couldn’t get. 

Miguel Martinez and Lester Butcher were BOTH FILMED inside Texas Prisons. By day 4 of this Chris Charade. He argued that getting access to a Texas Prison would never happen. 

To enlighten and educate him, I also sent video links to document Miguel and Lester on film and IN A PRISON. I hate people who think they know it all. Chris like Jason thought he did. I educate people on a regular basis. They sorely need it too. 

Chris never ever intended to “honor this contract” full of promises or anything else. What he wanted was to get to my clients by going over, under or around me instead. 

My week of disliking Chris and his tactics got worse by the day. Deceptive? Absolutely. 

Chris sent this “fluffy” contract solely because he NEVER planned to countersign and much less uphold said contract. By the way Chris “fluffy” for me is a lazy housewife sipping martinis at the country club mooching off her hardworking husband. My husband is very successful but, although I don’t have to work and can certainly afford not to, I work twice as many hours as my husband. Why? Because I unlike you am not lazy. 

Chris planned to string me along and have me drop everything to give him what he wanted (photos, names and contact information) while taking time out of my day to “find the talent for him” by spending hours reviewing photos searching for his specific “talent” (the descriptions of which continually kept changing and getting harder and harder to find I might add) then carry on his merry way. 

I’m neither a sap or a sucker. Go find someone young and green enough to go run your errands. There’s plenty of them out there to fall for a “good story.” God help em. Poor impressionable souls that trust the lies they are told. I wish I could spare anyone else what Cindy and I have been told and put through. The lies, the deception. But, I can’t save everyone. What I CAN DO though is protect my OWN clients. 

Production companies love good stories. Usually, they make them up themselves. Reality? What a joke. Why get anything real when you can get it so much less if it’s fake? Cubic Zirconia Programming. Think about it. Diamonds are far too expensive. Throw that guy some peanuts and promise him the moon and the stars. Oops, someone got hurt doing something a production company told them to. 

I nearly broke my fffing hand filming that stupid pilot and Cindy as well as I both got hernias but, my production company didn’t care. They were on a timeline. If I had broken it the day before filming ended at the karate studio, a creative writer would have assuredly “used me getting hurt on location to enrich the story!” 

For the production companies who have consistently failed to read my blogs and consequently assume I’m stupid or undereducated, I can assure you that after reading this blog, you will be far more enlightened as to just how smart and educated I actually am as well as how loyal my TDCJ Clients are. Throw me under the bus to get to them? It will never happen.

These current and former clients also told me they were contacted by Chris while I was on location 10 hours Saturday and obviously, offline. That’s loyalty. 

Ironically or predictably hours after sending me an email with yet more broken promises and misconceptions regarding my ability to “spot inconsistencies” Chris was on my Instagram page contacting my clients? You know the ones he would pay me $1k for if they cast them. That rope was now strung taught right around Chris and his lies. I told you, I’m patient. 

Chris had stolen the one thing in my life that I COULD NOT REPLACE. MY TIME. Because of this, I decided to “out” him knowing he would scream about an attorney. 

HELL I even sent him this blog prior to posting it on LinkedIn myself. I am not sneaky but, I’m also not going to have anyone else go to such great lengths to anyone else either. Again, you are welcome trustworthy industry friends.

I don’t need (or believe) promises of “carrot chasing” or even fame or even, more money. I LIVE very well and I am also, self made. 

I didn’t get where I am on someone else’s back either. I as well as my twin are the most ethical, reliable, honest MF’s you will EVER encounter. 

If I never worked another day in my life, I wouldn’t need to. Quite frankly, work is HOW Cindy and I relax and get away from it all. Work is our escape. Our salvation. It’s fun for us. WE LOVE IT. What we don’t love are people who think we are disposable AFTER they attempt to USE us of course. Or, think we are idiots because WE AREN’T. 

Surprise Sherlocks, we are still going strong. WE didn’t go out of business or change our name and pretend to be someone else. We didn’t need to find new jobs! Our old production company did though. Who is laughing now? 

I’d become so sick and tired of all the BS from Chris that after a week of it, decided to publish the facts in order for all of the production companies who previously concerned about “controversy” regarding inmates and their loved ones a few years ago are now hopping on board to find them. If I sound jaded, it’s because I am. 

Try a little originality. It’s no wonder I don’t watch TV. Replication. Duplication. Fabricated and frankenbiting have created trash television. That’s right, trash. 

Original content has become so rare that we may never ever find it again. “I’ve got an idea.” Yea, YOUR IDEA is to make someone something they aren’t. Save your ideas buddy. Go with something REAL. Shock everyone with honesty. 

But, PLEASE don’t call me with another stupid idea attempting to fabricate my life, my businesses, my family or worse, lie to steal my clients. 

Chris continued to call, email and demand my clients names and photos and new “requirements.” Why was he so desperate to obtain my clients names and photos? It would take days, weeks, months to meet the criteria. I work 7 days a week. How and when would I find the time? 

My clients are my priority. Keep reading. I wasn’t going to put HIS NEEDS ABOVE my family OR MY CLIENTS. 

 “I don’t APOLOGIZE for being OFFENSIVE, it’s BETTER to be ACKNOWLEDGED and stay RELEVANT, than TO keep SILENT, and be IGNORED.”

Cindy Daniel 

Tuesday, I was as usual, slammed busy and ignored Chris. I hate taking phone calls from anyone other than booked clients. Ask Cindy. 

My phone rings all day long with clients and family. Email me. Don’t call me at YOUR CONVENIENCE unless of course, YOU ARE MY CLIENT. 

Chris and his continued demands for names and photos as well as his deliberate failure to countersign that contract already had me on “high alert.” 

It’s highly irregular to send a contract not signed by the party sending it to begin with.  After all, when I send a contract, it’s signed by me to clients. 

If I sent an unsigned contract to MY CLIENTS, I can assure you my clients would question its validity. I would too and do. 

Cindy and I headed to TDCJ Holliday Unit in Huntsville, Texas to meet our client. I hate disruptions to my carefully orchestrated schedule. 

As usual, there WAS a disruption. My client had told me the date. The I60 hadn’t been Approved. Sigh. Anyone believing that I dance from one day to he next without problems- you are horrifically mistaken. 

A RESCHEDULE to my carefully planned schedule. Idiots like Chris lying to me? I’m far less tolerant. Clients can make mistakes. 

Chris wasn’t. He was just being devious about what he wanted. Most likely thinking to himself “those two are always working! When are they going to get me what I need so I can tell them to f off?” You know you were. I don’t care. I’m not nice to people who use others. I CAN BE nice but, my actions mirror the way I’m treated. I was too busy to do YOUR job Chris. 

FYI- cell phones are not allowed inside Prison facilities. You can call me but I don’t answer. 

Leaving Holliday to pick up Cindy across the freeway at Texas Prison Museum, I also had an idea. Chris and persistent changing demands to find someone and the first description he “clarified” of what he wanted would be similar to finding a “needle in a haystack.” 

Leaving Texas Prison Museum, I told Cindy “let’s call this guy and get more info.” We did. Here are the details and PS- Texas is a One Rule State. For anyone confused about this, I will elaborate for your benefit. 

I record phone calls. Surprised? Don’t be. Mainly because traditional clients “add on” services when they have an existing contract and “forget” they didn’t pay for them. I live in Texas. Texas is a one party state. If you are on the phone with me, I’m the “one party.” 

“Federal law permits recording telephone calls and in-person conversations with the consent of at least one of the parties. See 18 U.S.C. 2511(2)(d). 

This is called a “one-party consent” law. Under a one-party consent law, you can record a phone call or conversation so long as you are a party to the conversation.”

I was obviously well aware that I was recording the call I was also therefore, well within the law. Believe it or not, the “affluent” clients from Texas Twins Events are by far more likely to bounce a check or give you issues paying their bill. It’s a fact. I record for a reason. 

Here are the details: Chris “I really need the photos and names ASAP I’m on a timeline! When are you going to get these photos to me because I need them. The network (or so, he says) is breathing down my neck to provide this information. Here is what I need. I need beautiful, wholesome girl next door types marrying an inmate or nerdy guys marrying a beautiful Prisoner. I need them now. I need them immediately.” 

Hmm, now he’s gone from my actual clients (you know real people) to incredibly and surprisingly attractive people? Wtf. It keeps getting better and better. 

I look at Cindy and this “very specific request” that would also require a magic wand and, ask for more details. 

FYI- ALL OF MY CLIENTS ARE BEAUTIFUL. Chris your idea of beautiful and mine are remarkably different. It isn’t necessary to be 20-30 in order to be beautiful. 

Here’s yet another #Cindyism Quote that incredibly fits the situation accurately. “some PEOPLE would BORROW the NEIGHBORS ladder, to STEAL fruit FROM their TREES, and still COMPLAIN it was SOUR.”

Secretly, I’m also thinking to myself ” why doesn’t he hire models? Actresses?” Oh wait, they don’t work on broken promises but, I kept that to myself. Cindy was thinking the same thing with her usual “stink eye roll.”

“Chris, not every client I have who might even be remotely interested in this “project” will fit that description. None of the previous details in the contract you have yet to countersign are documented to require this either. Also, what you literally asking me to do is effectively, pull a rabbit out of my a$$ with that age range  and miraculously give you something that will not only be impossible to find in my existing client base but, also VERY TIME CONSUMING and, you still haven’t sent that contract back and I’m working and getting paid by my clients who are my priority. I don’t get paid to go through my clients photos without clearing interest with them and send them to you for review. Also, this would be a VERY time consuming task at best due to my schedule. Furthermore, I do not have time with my existing schedule to commit to such demanding and continued phone calls, texts and emails without something in place that will not only warrant my efforts but also, reward them.”

The “criteria” continued to become more difficult as the week went on but finding someone who would exactly “fit” the constantly changing “criteria” while being remotely interested in even applying for a show be impossible. Believe it or not, most of my clients have no interest. Percentage wise? Maybe 36-42% would even consider applying. But, that “criteria” Chris had would eliminate them. 

Cindy and I went to get lunch and decided to send a photo of our Holliday Unit Bride solely to see what he would say and appease if only for a few hours. Here’s her photo with me. After texting the photo, pesky and demanding, Chris, sent a text to “call me when you are alone.” Meaning not with my client. I had sent him a photo hadn’t I? When would I find time? Most clients I don’t even have a photo of. Unless of course, they’ve sent me a photo of what they will wear to the Unit. I suggest this. I don’t want anyone in a cafeteria smock. 
The call? “This isn’t at all what I AM looking for. You need to weed through your clients or even find me someone that isn’t planning to marry an inmate. They could just be DATING an inmate.” 

Oh, NOW Chris want me to use my connections AKA clients in a very tight knit and normally impenetrable group of people  (prison wives, husbands and families rarely trust outsiders) to locate someone dating an inmate? 

The same group of people that I’ve earned the respect of to locate someone else meeting these specifics who wouldn’t or weren’t retaining my services as a TDCJ Officiant? 

That contract didn’t say anything about finding a specific profile? And much less, a stranger.

The beat goes on… Wednesday, headed to TDCJ Allred Unit to meet Mary who had been subjected to an unethical news report, I was far too busy for Chris. 

My niece, Leigh Ann had joined me in my SUV to meet Mary. My plan to undo all of the damage that had been done was to interview her myself. Since my phone would not stop ringing, I took a call from Chris to educate him that I was busy. 

For those unaware, it took 4 months to get Mary Approved to marry Lester. It was a time consuming and often emotional effort. Chris popped in with “I have an idea for Mary. I could pitch her.” Again, WTF. I’ve spent months with her. Months. Now, Chris wants Mary? 

I’m also on location with someone who knows and trusts me. I’m about to interview her and leave out Lester, Nacodoches and Allred Unit and Chris expects me to hand over Mary? 

After all, she didn’t fit any of the criteria he had previously and continually “updated.” More importantly, she was fragile. She had already been taken advantage of on a news interview that had been sold over 100 times. I wouldn’t allow anyone else to use her now infamous situation to THEIR advantage and further drag her through more controversy. 

If what a beautiful person Mary is and excited to FINALLY be getting married, here’s the video– TDCJ Officiant Wendy Wortham With Mary Martin.

Maybe the reporter covering (I use THIS term loosely) Mary’s interview had previously worked for a production company? The thought damn sure crossed MY MIND. 

Chris was still a fly in my soup. I knew it and each day it continued to get worse. 

Meanwhile. My clients saw a confident Wendy. Problems? Lock Downs? Lost Affidavits? Notarized ID lost in the mail? No problem. I will look into it. I AM THE FIXER. They are my priority. 

I CARE. More than anyone and especially  more than Chris about my clients. Mary is a good Christian woman. 

I don’t and never will take advantage of others. I embrace my clients and treat them as close friends or my own family. Lester is a “lifer” and therefore in a separate area. I wanted to wait until after the wedding to get video of my niece, Leigh Ann and Mary together. 

As always Chaplain Lawler, it was wonderful to see you again and thank you so much for having a guard present in order for Mary to have photos of her wedding day, God Bless you my friend. 

Wednesday, I was up at 4AM going through my schedule. I was also having a painful dental procedure at 8AM with Dr Cheng. I wouldn’t allow Dr Cheng to give me shots to ease the discomfort or gas as I was concerned about my ability to speak coherently for Mary and Lesters Ceremony. 
YES. I AM THAT COMMITTED to setting my own needs or comfort aside in order to be focused on MY CLIENTS.

Getting Mary and Lester married was a celebration. Once I had, exhaustion literally drained me from the relief. 48 more days until a day off for me. By then though, a Unit will need to schedule one of my clients at a Texas Prison. Days off for me are unrealistic. 

Now you know why my time is so valuable. I even cut my own bangs because I don’t have time to go to a salon. My cell phone was in my SUV and ringing off the hook from guess who? Leigh Ann was waiting in the Allred parking lot for Mary and I and as instructed, ignoring Chris.

Returning to my SUV with Mary, I too ignored it. When I am with a client, I don’t give a shit who you are trying to contact me. My clients are my priority. Their time with me is important. 

I’ve spent weeks and occasionally months establishing my relationship with them. Other clients understand this and know when I’m at a Unit to wait for me to return calls or answer emails. 

Chris obviously could care less and I could care less about HIS NEEDS. It was now Wednesday and after days of more demands and no countersigned contract, I was getting more and more frustrated and, also furious. 

I drove Mary and Leigh Ann back to the hotel and Mary’s Jeep where I filmed the after the wedding video. Here’s the link– Leigh Ann Blais and Mary Martin-Butcher.

The last thing I wanted to hear were even more changes and descriptive “ideal people” ideas from Chris. 

Leigh Ann and I were starving and went to Cheddars where I answered clients, Chaplains and 2 Wardens regarding my Unit schedules this week and one Unit on a Lock Down but, again, I ignored Chris. I should have cut him loose then. I wish I had. I TRULY DO. 

Thursday, I was working on mailing out marriage licenses and contracts to clients and again, ignoring Chris. I was busy as hell as usual and sick of him and his concept of a show idea that closely mirrored WETV Love After Lock Up with “beautiful people.” 

The fact that Chris had on Tuesday “thrown in” that these beautiful people didn’t need to be married and therefore more importantly, didn’t need to be my client or clients had only further aggravated and annoyed the shit out of me. 

Thursday’s call: “I need to get you on Skype.” As usual, his demands and my schedule conflicted. I rescheduled the Skype at my convenience as opposed to his own. 

Moments before the scheduled Skype call, my bride called panicked from the Lubbock County Courthouse. I was working through that and watching the clock when Chris sent a text to get on Skype. I was so exhausted and lit that I even agreed to do this with all the things I was juggling that my patience was thread thin. 

Immediately, Chris separated Cindy which not surprisingly lit me up. I’m far more comfortable with my twin but, leave it to Chris to do yet another thing to aggravate me.

Chris “I need you to look happy and smile. Can you be more “fluffy and relatable.” Me: “Walking into Prisons is neither fluffy or relatable. What I do is serious and highly technical. I walk into a prison with clients who are frightened and intimidated.” 

Note– asking me the difference between a Prison wedding and a regular wedding literally enraged me. LITERALLY. 

If you are pitching a Prison Show, for Gods Sakes, educate yourself. Read. Watch Love After Lock Up. Do something to understand the incredible dynamics and sacrifices the “person on the outside” make EVERYDAY. 

“Differences between a regular wedding and a Prison wedding?” My clients would probably (and most likely) slap the shit out of anyone stupid enough to ask and consequently, remind them of everything they didn’t have or couldn’t do. I’m not kidding. 

TIP: if you find anyone out there Chris, don’t ask this question and effectively “rub it in.” 

The work I do in Prisons is emotional on its own. Walking into a Unit to marry an inmate isn’t a “jolly and festive” day for my client. 

No one plans on marrying in a Prison. I make the situation as pleasant as possible but, we are in a Prison. Usually the inmate is serving 20 to life. 

There are very few “happy endings” for “lifers” or Death Row inmates. I was upset because I knew and would always know that Mary would never touch Lester. It may actually have been why I became so mad at idiotic questions on the Skype call. I have no idea but, I know this, I had the most stressful week I’ve had in years without Chris thrown in the mix! 

Convincing my niece to go to Georgia was an ongoing daily, hourly argument. 

Just going back to the day before with Mary unable to even touch Lester, I also became so upset after the stress of months trying to get Mary married and a week of dealing with Chris that I literally started crying AND cursing after being told to be fluffy.” I recall saying “I’m not kissing anyone’s ass and pretending to be anything I’m not.” 

My anger at being “directed” as to how to act after being “led on” since Monday was also a factor of me completely losing it! 

My client couldn’t even touch the man she had just married. My heart aches for my clients and their journey. It will be difficult. They face challenges no one else can comprehend. 

No one knows what it’s like to walk into a prison and marry someone NO ONE unless you’ve done it yourself. FLUFFY? I was ABSOLUTELY furious. 

What I do isn’t rainbows and unicorns in a Prison. If you think it is, you need to educate yourself before asking me to be happy and delightful after three days at Units and a full weekend. 

I was overwhelmed and mentally exhausted and have never ever been SO emotional on Skype in my entire life. I hate to share my pain. My grief. My sorrow. I especially hated sharing it with Chris! I stormed out of my own office. Had Chris been in my office, I might have slapped the shit out of him myself. He was lucky. 

Fluffy? Jesus. Why not ask me to laugh or smile at a funeral? Damnit. Don’t tell me to smile. I don’t have a boss and you aren’t signing my paycheck. F that. Go find someone else to kiss your arrogant ass. It isn’t me and it isn’t my sister. We are working. 

We are sick and tired of people trying to make us into something we aren’t or use us to get what they want. 

My twin sister, Cindy took my place on Skype. Chris: “Cindy, you seem so friendly and outgoing but, Wendy really needs to soften up. She’s so deliberate and short with me. Is she mad at me?” 

Cindy: “People underestimate Wendy all of the time, she lets them. She prefers to show people that they should have shut up rather than tell them to shut up. What you need to know is that she is neither warm or fuzzy with production people. She’s warm with her clients. Wendy cannot mistakes and never will. If she did, she would be on the other side of those bars. My sister is highly intelligent and articulate. You need to know and I mean this, people underestimate her. SHE LOVES IT when people underestimate her.”

Cindy was literally warning Chris because while on the Lubbock call, I had sent her a text that said “he’s a liar. I’m overwhelmed. I can’t do more than 3 minutes and prefer less than 2. I have to call Lubbock County Courthouse and order a Duplicate License. I’ve got 3 Wardens and 2 Chaplains to call and Michael is on Lock Down. We also have rehearsals and weddings all weekend. I can barely stand up and Steph is trying to call.” 

Ten million commitments and sitting down to waste my incredibly valuable time that should have been spent finally getting something to eat with my sister. It further angered me. He didn’t shave? He told us to dress up. 

“Spend time on your appearance. Spend time on OUR APPEARANCE?” He’s unshaven and in a wrinkled shirt? Wtf. This didn’t help. It also royally pissed me off. 

On Friday, I continued to ignore Chris. I had a slammed ass busy agenda with my entire Team on location. As usual, no time to rest or sleep. 

Friday evening, Chris called. Lit, I answered. Chris: “Look, I’ve been asking and asking for those photos and names. Send me something.” 

Chris: “### won’t agree to the contract I sent. I will send you an email with new terms.” Me: “send me a contract.” Chris: “look we really need them to be pen pals and I need names and photos. I will send you an email but can’t send you a contract.” 

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE? DATING? PEN PALS? AN EMAIL? FUCK THIS. PS- we can’t stand ### and wouldn’t sign a contract with them anyway. Frankly, they couldn’t afford us! 

Remember YOU sent the contract Chris? Not ###. Oh that’s right people who lie often forget the lies. 

Saturday, while on location, I again ignored Chris and his stupid and as usual “full of hot air” email. Here it is. More broken promises and smoke…remember kids- where there’s smoke there’s fire. By the way, an email isn’t enforceable under contract law. 

However, the email also substantiates the previous “fluffy contract” and more importantly, includes “compensation” for “booked talent” aka my clients. 

Just by reading it you can see how non descriptive the terms actually are. Chris still thought I would drop everything and do his job for him. 

Chris sorely underestimated me. I’m nobody’s patsy. I was years 6 ago but, never again. Thank you Jason. Valuable lesson regarding trust and faith in the entertainment industry. You might have portrayed my sister and I as clowns in that pilot but, in doing so, you also paid a price yourself. 

Chris, you will too. Don’t try to bully me for removing the mask you continued to wear while all the while wasting my time for a week. PS– ### we were never interested in you either. Ask Jason. 

Checking the email I.E. not contract, the “promise” regarding “paying me” to refer my clients or anyone fitting the “criteria” now promised payment of $1k. 

THAT ALONG with going on my Instagram account to locate my clients without bothering to mention me to them until they did to you was the last and THANK GOD straw. 

More smoke and mirrors and my intolerance for deception as well as having time on location to sit in my SUV and type this blog on my iPhone (forgive typos) are are why I decided to let anyone and everyone else know to keep your lies, keep your candy, keep your unethical and shady tactics. 

I’ve BEEN to THIS DANCE BEFORE AND I AM OUT. Get real. Get honest. Get the F out of my life. 

For my dedicated readers following about my niece, she’s finally agreed to go to Georgia next week and finally for the first time in her life, choosing to get the help she needs. 

After 16 involuntary commitments and consistently losing her to the streets, I’m as relieved about this as I am about Mary finding closure. Cindy is too. It’s been horrific but, we’ve been busier than ever and thankfully have only cried in our suvs away from our clients and families. Hiding our pain. 

My Holliday Unit Bride asked me about it and I lost it in the Prison parking lot. Just bawling and fearful of whether Stephaney will ever fully recover. I don’t know. I hold hope. But, Cindy and I are uncertain. Hope and faith with people who breach your trust are hard to repair and difficult to replace. 

I no longer “act on command” unless of course, I’m getting paid to do so. Cindy doesn’t either. 

Screw anyone telling us to laugh after 5-8 days of filming then ask us if we can “cry on command” when we are exhausted and have barely EATEN in DAYS. Keep your $500 too. I spend that on one night at a hotel. As you know Jason, I don’t travel economy. I can easily afford not to. 

Cindy and I both are out on lies, manipulation and greedy people who take advantage of others. AFTER ALL, you came to be. I never came to you. Do you know why? I DON’T YOU- YOU NEED ME. 

By the way Chris, if you share that Skype interview publicly or on Vimeo, you will be hearing from my attorneys since I’m too busy to address it myself… neither I nor Cindy signed personal releases. Unlike you, I never make promises I don’t intend to keep. 

In case you were wondering WHY I ASKED, Chris YET ANOTHER production company did publicly share a Skype interview on Vimeo set to public. Yet another stupid AND arrogant production company had even tagged me (Wendy Wortham) in a video discussing the painful aspects of having addicts in my family. 

After arguing with me that the film wasn’t public and denying it, I sent her the proof  OF THE PUBLIC VIDEO EASILY LOCATED on the internet by simply Googling Wendy Wortham and subsequently, demanded that she take it down IMMEDIATELY or she would be HEARING from my attorneys. 

You may not realize it (most people don’t) but, I have a website development genius who monitors my sites that can find sneakily posted and/or unauthorized film of me on the internet that I hadn’t signed a release for. 

Yes, there was a reason I asked you “are you going to publish this videotaped interview? The reason WAS PREVIOUS experience with YET OTHER production companies (who like you) could care less about publicly embarrassing people. 

Leave my clients alone. They are unfamiliar with production companies and/or smoke and mirrors. Go blow smoke up someone else’s ass. My clients are insulated from people like you BY ME. 

The reason I wanted my clients under contract was SOLELY to protect THEM from “yet another production company” taking advantage of them. 

I’ve met far too many people in my life who intentionally have put others at a disadvantage over and over again who were also and ironically, production companies…